Unhappy with completed files? Read this!

Did you receive back an order and you are unhappy with what you are seeing?  Don't panic!  We are committed to having happy and fully satisfied customers and we will make things right!  Most importantly, don't spend your precious time fixing the files yourself - that's what you are paying us for!  All fixes & re-dos are always fast and free.

The first thing to do is to alert us right away of the problem.  The most efficient way to do this is by replying back to the email you were sent notifying you that the order was complete.  We will need to figure out what the actual problem is before we can fix it, but most problems usually fit into one of these categories:

1.  Technical issue with metadata: Sometimes the metadata simply doesn't save out properly - this is most likely the case if when looking at the files you see few or no changes from your originals.  In these cases, the finished work is still saved on our side, but just did not transmit properly into the metadata and we can usually get you new files in minutes to hours, depending on when you alert us to the problem.  This is an unfortunate problem, but has the quickest and easiest fix.

2.  Technical issue on your side: Perhaps you aren't applying the metadata properly or are viewing the image on an uncallibrated monitor.  Maybe you accidentally moved or renamed some files.  Whatever the situation is, we are happy to help you figure it out and rectify it.  If it is a tricky technical issue, we may suggest an online meeting where we can view your computer screen remotely to help you solve the issue quickly.

3.  Miscommunication abut your preferences:  Perhaps you didn't give us all of the information we needed to fully understand your preferences, or maybe we misunderstood the information we were given.  In either case, dialing in your actual preferences will now be much easier now that we have specific images to discuss and as always, we will simply adjust the order until you are happy.  When possible, we really appreciate feedback in the form of hard numbers or an image.  For example saying the images were "too cool" or "washed out" is still subjective feedback and open to misinterpretation.  We would prefer hard numbers ("I'd prefer my images ~200 degrees warmer" or "please don't take contrast above 20") or an image example.  Sending a "before and after" image often works best - showing what your actual preference for an end result is compared to what we originally delivered.  You can send a jpeg, or an xmp file or a Lightroom catalog - whatever is easiest for you.

4.  Mismatched styles: Our editors, although they seem like superheroes, are actually mere humans.  They each have their own opinions, styles and preferences, and they are using those skills while editing your images.  Sometimes, if we can't match your preferences even after a re-do, it is a matter of needing to switch your orders to another editor whose natural editing style matches yours better.  Luckily once we ge this figured out, it is usually a long term match made in heaven. 

5.  Oops!:  While we are on the subject of being human, that also means that our editors (and Mindy and Mike) are also capable of making mistakes.  Of course it always seems like Murphy's law is in effect and any mistakes made are always on the *one* order or for the one client that we really wouldn't want it to happen to.  While we can't promise that we will never make a mistake on one of your orders, we can promise that we will always own up to any errors we make, and fix them as soon as is (humanly) possible.

6.  Unrealistic expectations:  I hate to even mention this, because it comes up so infrequently.  We here at Lavalu pride ourselves in working harder than anyone else to accomodate any custom requests, preferences or workflows.  But the fact remains that no matter how "close" we can get, it will never be *exactly* the same as if you did it yourself.  If you find yourself constantly wanting to give feedback for extremely small changes ("I would have made this image 1/10 of a stop brighter" or "This image should have been 50 degrees cooler") then we may need to have a conversation about how you do need to "let go" a bit for outsourcing to be a good option.  The bottom line end result should be images that you are proud to showcase as your own, and happy clients who love their images!

The bottom line is that if you see something awry, simply let us know and we will make it right!


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