What do I do with the xmp files I received from Lavalu?

What do I do with the xmp files you delivered for my order?

1.  Download the zip file of your finished xmps. 
2.  Unzip the xmp files and place them in the same folder as your original raw files.   The file names should line up, i.e. 1.CR2 and 1.xmp, 2.CR2 and 2.xmp. 
3.  If you use Bridge, simply open the folder in Bridge and our adjustments will show automatically. 
4.  If you are using Lightroom, open your catalog with the raw files and go to the Library view.   Select all of your raw files and then from the top Metadata dropdown menu select “Read metadata from file.”   Lightroom will then begin updating your previews and you can continue working using your normal workflow.

If you don't see the adjustments after following these steps, please contact us right away so we can help!


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