What do I do with the Lightroom catalog I received from Lavalu?

What do I do with the Lightroom catalog I received from Lavalu?

1. Download the .lrcat file and open it in Lightroom. 
2. Go to Library view where you should see grey boxes with a ? in each one. 
3. In the left panel under Folders you can expand the view down until you see the folder with the ? next to it. 
4. Right click on the folder with the ? and select “Find Missing Folder” 
5. Use the dialog box to navigate to the folder on your computer where the raw files are located and click Choose. 
6. Lightroom should then begin to update your previews and show all of your raw files.


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    Not sure this works with LR catalog import.  I do not have any question marks since i only exported as a catalog with previews, so all of my dng files stayed in LR.  There is an option to import from another catalog in LR on the File drop down menu :-)!  

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    Michael Connell

    While you certainly can merge one catalog into another, this article is on using the catalog Lavalu provides as a standalone catalog.  Merging catalogs can result in issues (duplicating files in the existing catalog for instance) so unless you are comfortable with merging, we recommend either using our catalog separately or requesting xmp files to update your existing catalog.

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