How to Use Cyberduck

Cyberduck is a free FTP client software, that is available for both Mac and PC.  Visit to download:


After downloading, open, install and launch the Cyberduck application.  Then click "Open Connection" on the top left of the Cyberduck window.  



The dialog box that pops up is where you will enter your personal credentials to connect to our server:


Username: 4 or 5 digit number, provided to you by Lavalu

Password: provided by Lavalu, enter it all lowercase

You may leave all other items just the way they default in Cyberduck.


Once you are connected to our server, you will want to choose "Bookmarks" from the very top navigation bar and add a new bookmark, so you will not have to re-enter this information again in the future.


You can toggle anytime between your list of bookmarks and your currently active server connection using the small book icon.


Drag the folders/files that you are sending (from a Finder or Explore window) to Lavalu into the "01 Incoming" folder.  When your order is complete, you will find your completed files inside the "02 Completed" folder.



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