How long will it take to upload my files?

The amount of time it takes your data to transfer is dependent on how fast your internet connection is and how much data you need to transfer. Our server places no limitation on the speed or size of your transfers to us.

You can test your upload and download speeds by visiting: ( Please be sure you have no other transfers running and select the San Francisco server for the most accurate results.

The test will show results for both your actual upload and download speeds. Unless you have a fiber connection your download speed will typically be much faster than your upload speed. Since you will be uploading files to our server the upload speed is typically the most interesting number.

An upload speed of 2 Mbps (typical of many cable internet connections) will result in a 12 MB file taking ~1 minute to transfer to the server. A 24 MB file will take ~2 minutes and so on. If your upload speed is only 1 Mbps it would double the transfer times above.

For example, with a 2 MB upload connection uploading 1000 5d MkII files (~24 MB each) would take ~33 hours to upload.

If your speed test reveals upload speed slower than 1Mbps, you may want to check with your internet provider and see if there is something they can do to get you a faster connection.  If all else fails, and uploading is simply not a viable option for you, you can always mail your files into us on a thumb drive.


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