New invoicing system starting April 2nd

We are happy to be rolling out a new improved invoicing system!  Everything will stay essentially the same as before (your credit card on file will be charged when your order is complete and a paid invoice emailed to you) however the new system definitely has some perks. What you will likely notice is the invoices are much easier to read, and you will now have the ability to see your invoice and payment history.

Your invoice account is based off of your EMAIL ADDRESS, so it is important that you use the same email address each and every time you place an order with us.  If more than one person in your studio places orders, simply choose one of your address to use when filling out order forms.  This will keep your invoicing history all together in one place.

If you have any questions, we are always here to help! :)


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    Amy Bennett

    Very cool Mindy and Mike!  Now how to use this?...

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    Mindy Sonshine

    Hi Amy!  As each order is complete you will receive an email with a link to your invoice.  As long as we have a working card on file, it will be a "paid" invoice and will require no action from you, otherwise it will have an option to pay online.  Once you click on any invoice, you will also be able to access your payment and invoice history.  Unfortunately it will not contain historical data from our previous system.  Hope this helps!



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