Getting Started - The Process

Getting started with Lavalu is easy!  However since we are so customized, there are several steps to the process.

Fill out the Get Started Form

The Get Started Form is your first point of contact with us.  It gives us the basic information needed to set up an account for you.  There is no obligation or cost associated with setting up an account with us.  After filling out this form, you will usually receive a reply within one business day which provides, among other things, your unique User ID and password for logging into our FTP server.

Fill Out the Preferences Form

The Preferences Form is your opportunity to tell us all about your unique preferences.  You only need to fill out this form one time, however you can make updates to the preferences you have on file with us anytime simply by emailing us.  

Upload Your images

You can start with a "real" order or with a few sample images - it is up to you!  Simply upload your images to our secure server.  Alternatively, you could mail us a thumb drive if you don't have a fast enough internet connection.

Fill out an Order Form

You must fill out an Image Editing Order Form or and Album Design Order Form each time you upload new files to us.  This is where you tell us the specific information we need to get your order into the production queue.  The most common mistake new clients make is forgetting to fill out an order form.  If you have uploaded images, but do not fill out an order form, we will not know that your images are on the server and your order will not be started.

After submitting an order form you will receive an instant email auto-notification that your order has been received by Lavalu.  If you do not receive this email, that is an indication that something has gone wrong - please contact us!

When submitting your first order, is it recommended that you check the box on the order form requesting that we send you samples prior to finishing the entire order.  This allows us to make sure we have properly interpreted your preferences on a small subset of images.

Provide us with Payment Information

To eliminate any delays in delivering your completed order, we recommend providing us with the credit card you'd like to keep on file prior to your first order being complete.  The easiest way to get credit card info to us is via the Credit Card Details Form.  

You may alternatively give us a phone call or upload a completed Credit Card Authorization Form to your secure server space, however you must also send us an email after the upload is complete to alert us that it is there.  Under no circumstances should you ever send anyone your credit card details in an email or chat - it is not a secure method of communication.

If we do not have your payment details when your order is complete, you will receive an emailed invoice with a link to complete payment.  It is expected that all unpaid invoices will be paid within 3 business days, otherwise your account may be placed on hold.

Download Your Completed Order

When your order is complete, you will receive an emailed autonotification.  Simply log on to the server in the same way as when you uploaded images, and look in the "02 Completed" folder for the finished work.

Provide us with Feedback

The best way to provide us with feedback is to reply via email to your order ticket.  Please be very specific with your feedback, the more information the better!  Feel free to send example images or metadata if it helps to explain what you are looking for. Also be sure to indicate if the feedback is just for the purpose of updating your preferences for the next order, or if you'd like us to adjust the images for you.  We are always happy to adjust images, at no charge, as long as the feedback is received within 3 weeks of the order being completed.

Get Ready for a Great Relationship

We are truly here to help, and after completing your first order you can look forward to continued great customer service.  Our customized approach means that we can say "yes" to most any request.  We view ourselves not as a vendor, but as your business partner, working hard to help you in your success.  


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    Carmen Williams

    Thank you for making things so clear!

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    Mark Teague

    I am waiting for my 1st order to upload.  Can't wait to see the results.  I am so excited about less editing, and more time with my family, yeah!

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    Thái Mèo


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    Jonatan Saine

    I am so nervous letting my babies go that I think I may have a heart attack. I sincerely cannot wait to receive my photos back and see what Lavalu can do for me and my business. I am hoping for a healthy and looooong relationship with Lavalu. Hoping for the best! :) 

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    Wendell Herbert

    Hi Mindy

    I already sign up with u but i can;t get on so i try call two day now but no luck can u call me so we can work out everything 868-6839985 asap

    Thank Wendell

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